We think of protein powder as food, and therefore hold the ingredients in the same high regard as the nutritional profile. There is nothing artificial in any of our favourite protein powders. None of the products below contain added sugars, soy, gluten, or dairy. Just clean, simple, real food ingredients to shake and drink with water, blend in a smoothie, stir into a breakfast bowl, or add to your other recipes to boost nutrition.

Genuine Health Fermented Protein This is the first fully fermented protein which makes it easy to digest, and supports good gut health. It offers 20g of fermented dietary protein per serving from ingredients like yellow peas, brown rice, hemp seeds, quinoa, alfalfa juice, spirulina, and mung beans.

Sun Warrior Protein We were long time fans of their earthy Classic Brown Rice Protein, and in recent years have switched to the mostly enjoy their Warrior Blend (16-19g of protein per serving), which is certified organic, smoother tasting, and a mix of pea, hemp seed, and goji berry protein.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hemp is one of nature’s perfect superfoods. It contains high-quality plant protein with branched-chain amino acids, all nine essential amino acids, and good-for-you essential fatty acids. This hemp protein powder (15g of protein per serving) is gently cold-processed, without the use of hexane (a harsh chemical solvent used to process non-organic soy protein powders).

Essential Living Foods Organic Wild Protein Smoothie Mix This blend of vegan protein and greens contains 17g of protein and 5g of fibre per serving. Along with pea protein, it contains superfood ingredients like lucuma, moringa, spirulina and wheatgrass.

Organic Gemini Tigernut Smoothie Mix Just 2 simple, yet extraordinary ingredients: Organic TigerNuts, and Organic Sacha Inchi Protein Powder. Tigernuts are not actually nuts, they’re a small root vegetable rich in prebiotics, so this blend is nut-free and grain free, making it a paleo-friendly protein mix!


Photo Source: jillianharris.com