Whether you’re taking food on the go, going to pick up takeout with your own reusable containers, or looking for great food storage solutions, these are the best reusables ever.

KLEAN KANTEEN The Original Stainless Steel Bottle. Klean Kanteen’s high quality, handcrafted bottles are the healthiest alternative to plastic and aluminum, and they are committed to strong environmental and labor standards. No matter how many times you refill it, no matter what you put into it, your Klean Kanteen will keep your drinks fresh, crisp, and clean tasting.

STRAWESOME Not only are these handmade glass straws made by the sweetest family in Michigan, they also look fabulous, come with a lifetime guarantee, and will keep you from putting toxic plastic in your mouth and drink. As a bonus, everything goes down smoother (and tastes better) with a glass straw.

NEAT-OS Why use single-use baggies when there’s something safer, reusable, and better looking? These are made in the USA, certified food-safe, bpa-free, phthalate-free, pvc-free, lead-free, and can be personalized with your own designs.

FLIP & TUMBLE We’ve all been there, when we’re at the market and realize we’ve forgotten to bring our reusable bags. Problem solved with these bags that roll up into tiny balls to leave in your purse, briefcase, or in your car. (They’re easier to fold than a pair of socks!)

PEOPLE TOWELS Not only are these 100% organic cotton hand towels a wonderful replacement for paper towels when you’re on the go, at the gym or at home, but also a great reusable cloth napkin, wipe and bib!

CARE BAGS Create less waste by saying no to both paper and plastic and bringing your own produce bags when shopping for fruits and veggies at the store.

TO GO WEAR This set has it all – a bamboo spoon, fork, knife and even a set of chopsticks. A handy carabiner on the back lets you clip and carry a fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks wherever you go.

LUNCHBOTS Perfect for my kids, as glass cannot go to school! Only food grade stainless steel comes into contact with your food. No linings. No toxins. And they’re made from the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, so they are easy-to-clean, virtually unbreakable, resist stains and rust, and last forever. There’s a size and shape for everyone in your family – and takeout too!

HANKY BOOK HankyBooks are the real cottony softness. Made from 100% luxurious organic cotton, these aren’t the thin, linen-style cotton handkerchiefs your grandmother used. They’re soft on your face, work great for spills, and are an economical choice as it saves you from going through hundreds of tissues.