Orb Shabbat Candles (6)


A Set of 6 Orb Shabbat Candles, packaged together in a beautiful, see through, reusable bag. (3 pairs, each pair is perfect for 1 Eco Shabbat)

Orb Candles bring pure brilliance to your Shabbat table.

Here’s what makes them so special:
Handmade from 100% Pure Canadian Beeswax
Certified Organic Cotton Wicks
4 to 6 hour burn time
Emits Negative Ions
Self-Enhancing Properties
All-Canadian Made

What’s NOT in Orb candles is as important as what’s in them.
No Paraffin
No Lead
No Artificial Fragrance
No Toxic Colorants
No Pesticides

We know these safe and special Shabbat Candles will bring you, your family, and your friends light, health and happiness.

For more information, visit orbcandles.com.

Orb Shabbat Candles. Tikkun ‘olam, meaning perfecting or repairing of the world, is a major theme in modern Jewish social justice theology. Usually expressed as an activity, it must be carried out by humans in partnership with God. It is an important concept in environmentalism. Our ignorance and our greed, it is said, has damaged the world and silenced many of the voices of the choir of Creation. The good news (in our opinion), is that this problem can be fixed by switching our bad habits for healthier and smarter ones.

The Tale of Orb Candles. Lisa Borden is a Jewish mother of 3, who each Friday, gathers around the table to celebrate Shabbat with her family. It was natural for her to want to raise awareness about the risks of conventional candles, and how dangerous it can be to overlook them. Being an eco-lifestyle specialist and owner of Borden Communications + Design Inc., Lisa’s commitment to improving the quality of our health and the environment set her into action to create a safe, healthy and beautiful Shabbat candle. She and our team developed and launched a brand that met our high expectations, and also created a product that will now be a part of every smart Shabbat table and a healthy home. Now that’s shlepping nachas!

Concept, creative, product development + marketing by the enthusiastic team at Borden Communications + Design Inc.