BaaLLS Certified Organic Dryer Balls


Forget toxic dryer sheets. BaaLLS are reusable dryer balls that are handmade ethically from Certified Organic Wool from happy sheep! These BaaLLS kill static and soften clothes while taking care of both you and our planet.

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Why we love BaaLLS Certified Organic Dryer Balls:

• Reduces drying time by 40% for a full load
• Reduces static cling
• Softens clothes
• Chemical Free
• Unscented (but can easily be infused with pure essential oils)
• 100% Certified Organic Wool (which doesn’t harbor bacteria)
• Lovingly handmade in North America
• Packaged in a reusable 100% Organic Cotton drawstring bag that was handcrafted in the U.S.A. and printed with safe inks
• Great for people with sensitive skin and for the eco-intelligent citizen
• Concept, artwork, and marketing is enthusiastically created by the team at Borden Communications in Canada

Each bag includes 4 BaaLLS.