Faster isn’t always better, especially when we’re talking fashion. The amount of water, pesticides, and energy required to produce the fabric for our clothing is seriously disturbing! Approximately 10% of all agricultural pesticides and 25% of insecticides in the U.S. are used to grow cotton, and it takes almost 1/3 of a pound of chemicals (synthetic fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for just one t-shirt.

The solution is as simple as caring about the shirts on our backs, and giving the shirts off our backs too!

Lovbird Designs These eco tees are made from 100% organic cotton and are manufactured in a verified fair wage factory in Tirupur, India that provides support and employment to local workers. The graphic design and drawings are conceptualized in their Toronto Beaches studio and are silk-screened at a local Toronto print shop.

Preloved Their hallmark is reclaimed vintage fabrics expertly combined new luxe accents to create one-of-a-kind clothing, all manufactured and designed with love in Canada.

Mo Green Clothing Co. These soft, organic cotton t-shirts are sweatshop free, manufactured in North America, and printed with low impact dyes. Styles for women, men, and children, each with its own story, made by a sweet Canadian family who donates a portion of proceeds to different registered charities.

Free Label Organic Cotton + Bamboo Tee Locally made, easy to wear, always looks great.

Farm Fresh Clothing Co  Organic cotton tees sewn and printed in the state of California, printed by hand with eco-friendly water-based inks.

good hYOUman Consciously made in the USA.