If you have great, useful kitchen gadgets & not too many of them (important!) , you’ll never need to reach far into cupboards or drawers for these easy to use (and easy to clean!) tools.

Spiralizer Take your fave raw veggies and spiralize them into delicious (carb-free and fat-free!) noodles or slice them in just minutes. Raw zucchini turns into amazing spaghetti the kids will even eat. It’s safe enough (and fun) for kids to use too.

Y Shaped Peeler The faster you peel your potatoes, the better, right? We agree with chefs that a straight blade peels faster than anything else. This stainless  peeler also has a side cutter to remove blemishes, and make decorative cuts into  fruits and veggies.

Beachwood Cooking Utensils Whether you are mixing or serving hot or cold, it is important to not put any toxic materials into your food (and not to scratch your pots and pans!). Try these utensils made from beachwood from sustainably managed forests.

Glass Measuring Cup The last thing any of us need is more plastic in our kitchen, in our lives, and in our world. So, let’s get it out! Glass is definitely the safest bet, and the only way to be sure you are only adding what your recipe is asking for.

Mandoline The easiest and fastest way to slice vegetables quickly at different thicknesses, from ultra thin to quarter inch, always uniform cutting and professional results.