Stay in your robe and slippers, dim the lights, turn on some relaxing tunes, and set the mood for some restorative, rejuvenating, well-deserved relaxation.

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Unisex Jersey Robes Wrap yourself up in one of these organic robes styled for men and women with a kimono collar, patch pockets, and a fit that’s both relaxed and refined.

Mette Vangso Eye Pillow Lay back and enjoy an aromatherapeutic experience with this eye pillow filled with organic flax seed, natural lavender and chamomile flowers. Great for meditation, yoga and pure relaxation.

Spoonk Mat Experience the benefits of acupuncture in the comfort of your home. The Spoonk Mat’s spikes help to increase blood circulation, boost energy levels, release muscle tension, heal joint pains and induce deeper sleep.

BeCalm Balls are based on osteopathy and craniosacral therapy, to help shut off the body’s stress response, allowing the restorative system to take over. Lay on your back with the balls under your head or back and notice immediate results after just 5-15 minutes.

Bongers are the traditional massage tools of Japan. They’re good for breaking down muscle tension, soothing sore muscles, getting rid of headaches, and stimulating circulation to revitalize and “turn-on” the body. They’ve also been used to improve and lift moods, diminishing depression and anxiety while promoting a sense of well-being and positive energy.

Puzhen Essential Oil Diffuser Combining traditional Chinese culture with modern technology, this essential oil aroma diffuser also plays soothing music, and creates an ambience with soft LED colours. With a handcrafted maple base and hand-blown glass top, this design recalls the concept of yin and yang to create harmony.

Living Libations Essential Oils  Nadine’s pure essential oils are incredible. Inhale slowly and deeply to enjoy all the natural benefits.

Love North Facial Masks Love North uses sustainably grown ingredients that are local to the Ontario landscape. Apply a luxurious face with nourishing ingredients like kaolin white clay, French green clay & rhassoul red clay, and relax while your skin receives a glorious treatment (multi-tasking at its finest).

Yoga Toes These ergonomic toe stretchers work wonders to relieve foot pain and wash away your stresses. They work between, above and beneath the toes providing the same benefits of walking barefoot.

MandukaYoga Block This cork yoga block offers support as you increase your flexibility. Engage in some deep breathing, stretch out your stress, and  pave the way to a calmer, less achy, and more energized you.