Your office might have already gone “green” or you may still be waiting to be given the “green” light. Regardless, you have the power to be a catalyst for more change. A “greener” workday will mean a healthier, more focused and more confident you! Your office will be a more pleasant and productive environment, and will likely positively affect the bottom line. So, don’t hide under your desk. The world needs a raise, and likely you do too.

Varidesk Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? It’s time to get up off your seat and do something to increase your energy, health, and productivity – STAND! This desk easily adjusts with you to move up and down to your preferred working height.

Earthing Universal Mat
 If you’re working indoors, the Earthing mat is one of the easiest ways to connect to the Earth’s natural energy for great health benefits. This mat can be used on your desk under the keyboard and mouse, or on the floor with bare feet contact.

CoreChair This ergonomic, active sitting office chair encourages movement and mitigates the impact of inactivity. Since sitting in a CoreChair at my desk, I have NOT spent time daily dreaming of a massage because I have no tension or pain in my back!

Sukhasana Chair
This India-inspired chair brings the benefits of cross-legged sitting to the office. It’s leg support adjustments give tight hips an opportunity to relax and open. And yes, you can also sit comfortably with your feet on the floor.

Spoonk Mat
Experience the benefits of acupressure by simply sitting or standing on this mat to stimulate reflex points throughout the body. It helps to ease tension, reduce stress, and improve energy levels. Bonus? It takes no extra time out of your day.

Kishu Charcoal Water Filter
 Sipping water throughout the work day helps us stay healthy, focused, and alert. From the tap is easiest and best. Simply drop in a lump of Kishu charcoal to filter lead, mercury, copper, cadmium and chlorine, leaving us with only the good stuff.

Scent-Free Zone Poster
 Scented products contain chemicals which can aggravate health problems, and cause reactions in many, including those with allergies, asthma and environmental illness. Download this poster to announce your office is a Scent-Free Zone!

Airfree Air Purifier
 A great air purifier can help protect you and your colleagues against bacteria, viruses, mildew, mould, dust mite allergens, pet allergens, pollen and tobacco odors in your workplace. Just plug it in, and this tiny unit will take care of the rest.

Self-Watering Planters
 The best decor (in our opinion) is also living and functional. This beautiful, air-cleaning, low-maintenance aloe vera plant is in a stylish, indoor, self-watering planter that helps to keep it happily watered for extended periods of time.

Ecojot Journals
 It’s great that so many organizations are moving towards paper-free, but for the times you need to put pen to paper, choose something responsible like this notebook made in Canada with 100% post consumer recycled paper and vegetable inks.

Jonesy Paper Pens
 Whether you need to scribble a reminder, sign a contract, or hand write a thank you note, it’s always good practice to have a great pen handy. These eye catching pens are made with recycled kraft paper and printed with eco-friendly inks.