When it comes to parenting, I am beyond grateful for the incredible friends and family (including my own kids) that I can count on for so much, especially on the most challenging days. Also, I love referring to these books because I find perspective and honest storytelling really helpful and wanted to share them with you. I continue to pick these books up, reading bits and pieces over and over – and over again, as needed.

Without One Word Spoken by Ellen Schwartz The 18 (plus) lessons Ellen learned from her son, Jacob, and shared in this book, explore the ripple effects of an extremely precious life- one that might have been tragic, but instead, is filled with hope, joy, and merit. This how-to format will help others facing life’s greatest challenges, whatever they might be.

Parenting Through The Storm by Ann Douglas A guide to parenting a child who is struggling with a mental health, neurodevelopmental, or behavioral challenge. Ann Douglas knows firsthand just how daunting it can be—and what a difference knowledge and support can make.

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