We can handle a lot, and we know you can too, but there are great pros and services available that we can count on to help keep us happy and healthy, and make the rest of the day that much more manageable (and efficient!).

Holistic Nutritionist If you feel sluggish, bloated, or regret after a meal, then it’s time to take another look at what’s on your plate. A holistic nutritionist can provide you as little or as much coaching or encouragement as you need to achieve your individualized goals and feel your best, inside and out. You can ask around or do an online search to find someone great in your area, but many today offer skype consults as well for those who can’t or don’t have time to commute.

Biological Dentist What’s going on in our mouths is connected to our overall health, so it’s important to find a dentist you can trust will treat you well- and we mean actually well. Our dentist takes a holistic, preventative, and comprehensive approach to complete dentistry, and their integrative health clinic also offers osteopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, and sauna treatments to keep us totally healthy, head to toe.

Acupuncturist Whether you are looking for pain relief, or just to add a little more wellness into your life, it’s definitely worth giving this ancient form of Chinese medicine a shot (crucial to note: from a registered professional). We don’t like needles any more than the next person, but acupuncture needles are really skinny and most of the time you don’t even feel them. Just close your eyes, and breathe, and you’ll be feeling better before you know it.

Organic Urban Farmer If you’re anything like us, you love eating fresh organic produce, but know nothing about how to grow it. Well, that hasn’t stopped us from turning our entire front lawn into an organic vegetable garden that feeds us, our families, and the neighbors too! Young Urban Farmers helps us turn our gardening dreams into a delicious reality, and we know we aren’t the only ones. Trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than a healthy home grown meal.

Eco Aesthetician If you haven’t heard, green beauty isn’t dowdy coloured, patchouli fragranced powders and lotions anymore. There is a new wave of healthy beauty brands on the market today that exceed your expectations in every way, and there are more and more aestheticians and industry professionals that have made the switch to cleaner and more conscious products and applications that are better for your health, their own health, and the health of our world. The next time you need to book an appointment for your hairnails or skincare and makeup, ask more questions and find someone who can make you feel as good as you look.