We have to know better, so we can live better, and these books are the best place to begin.

SLOW DEATH BY RUBBER DUCK by Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie No mother sets out to buy their newborn a bottle with BPA, serve chemical laden fish for dinner, or send their child to school with a lunchbox with lead in the lining. The brilliance of Slow Death by Rubber Duck is not simply that Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie experiment on themselves to show us all how everyday toxins impact our well being, it’s that they are able to deliver solutions and a hopeful message.

TOXIN TOXOUT by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith A great read full of valuable information to help us get harmful chemicals out of our bodies and our world.

THE ALPHABET OF AVOIDANCE by Lisa Borden My own book! A fun, inspiring and perspective-changing read that not only identifies what we should be avoiding in order to live healthier lives, but also includes simple solutions to immediately replace the ‘bad’ with something better…or even, nothing at all. The Alphabet of Avoidance will change your perspective. It will make you more informed. It will convince you to get rid of bad habits. It will inspire you to develop new habits. It will give you the resources to make the changes easily.

PLANET HOME by ALEXANDRA ZISSU For all you need to know about keeping your home clean without chemicals, I personally trust Alexandra Zissu who put it all into this one incredible book. It leads you through each room of the house with straightforward advice, from improving air quality in your bedroom to avoiding mildew in the bathroom, from sourcing local or organic food to safely laundering your clothes.