Lisa is thrilled to be able to share selections + highlights from The Borden Big List in print.

Warm Drinks for Cooler Days
Published December 2017

Eco Travel
Published November 2017

Good Stuff to Help Us Sleep Well
Published October 2017

Toronto Food Delivery
Published September 2017

Organic Booze
Published August 2017

Healthy Hydration
Published July 2017

Safe Deodorants That Work
Published June 2017

Spring In Your Step
Published May 2017

All-Star Dairy-Free Made in Ontario
Published April 2017

Vegan Cookbooks That Everyone Can Love
Published February 2017

Your Best Bet For Healthy Pasta
Published January 2017

Midtown’s Vegan Trio
Published October 2016

Hello Autumn, Goodbye Germs
Published September 2016

The Faces Of Good Food
Published August 2016

The Healthy Harvest
Published June 2016

Be Your Own Food Maker
Published April 2016

For The Love Of Chocolate
Published February 2016