There are few things in life better than a perfectly toasted slice of bread with non-dairy butter or cashew cream cheese – especially when you know your bread is full of organic ingredients, vitamins, and minerals.

Not all Bread is created equal. Supermarket shelves are stuffed with bagged bread made from refined grains and refined sugars (or worse, high fructose corn syrup). Thankfully, many families are rightfully moving away from white bread, which is made by removing the wheat kernel’s germ and bran – which contain all the nutrients. BUT whole wheat bread isn’t much better, even if it sounds like it would be! Whole wheat bread often isn’t even made with whole grains, and while it’s a step up from white bread, it contains very low levels of nutrients. Not to mention, many breads are now mass produced in factories, using unrecognizable artificial ingredients, colours, and flavours, and ingredients that may come from factory farms. These processed breads are not good for us, and cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Choose sprouted, organic, nutrient-rich breads made from whole foods. Sprouted-grain bread is made from wheat kernels that have been sprouted before they are grounded up, which retains more nutrients and makes the bread easier for our bodies to digest. Sprouting releases all the vital nutrients which are stored in whole grains, so sprouting grains and seeds before baking produces living, nutrient-rich foods that provide more protein, vitamins, and minerals (please note that gluten-free doesn’t automatically mean healthy!). Read labels, ask questions, and use the answers.

Bonus: Pick up your bread from the market! You’ll feel better knowing who you’re supporting and you can ask questions and get to know your baker. Don’t forget to bring your own bread bag!

brodflour Fresh Milled, Fresh Made. brodflour grows, mills, and bakes with grain that is fresh, wholesome, and alive.

Humble Bread A small independently-owned bake shop in the heart of Prince Edward County, Ontario. Their goal is to provide their community with high quality naturally-leavened breads which allow for greater nutrition and better digestibility.

prairie boy bread Only organic flour and grains, sea salt, water and a natural sourdough culture. The sourdough culture is a symbiotic culture of wild yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria. It makes the bread rise, adds that delicious distinctive flavor and improves digestibility.

Delish Kitch A dedicated “gluten-free & grain-free” Farmer’s Market Bakery committing to local, organic, fair trade, non gmo, and “no” refined sugar ingredients.

One Degree Organic Foods Vegan, organic, sprouted breads.

Food For Life High-quality, organic, non-GMO sprouted breads.

ShaSha Combining ancient techniques with innovative methods to produce nutritious, wholesome, organic breads.

Inewa An organic bakery that offers an alternative to modern wheat, accommodating every kind of allergy related to bread.