It’s really challenging to eat out at Toronto Restaurants (or anywhere) when you have lots of food rules and discerning taste. Luckily, there are more and more spaces and places opening with chefs and owners serving real food made with healthy ingredients supporting the local and organic farmers. Remember, with every dollar you spend, and with every meal you eat, you are voting for the kind of food system and world you want, so be discerning and deliberate. These are a few of the restaurants that I frequent and recommend. If you are looking for a more comprehensive list and reviews, my son has been reviewing restaurants since 2008 and can be found at

Doug McNish’s Public Kitchen
561 Marlee Avenue

293 Palmerston Avenue

922 Queen Street W

The Local Food Court at Brickworks Farmers Market
550 Bayview Avenue

238 Augusta Avenue

The Beet Organic Café
2945 Dundas Street W

1221 Bay Street

Live Organic Food Bar
264 Dupont St

Thrive Organic
409 College St