We love juice. Not the stuff sitting on shelves in boxes, plastic or bottles, or in the fridge in supermarkets with a long shelf life, or the drinks loaded with artificial ingredients, colours, sweeteners and preservatives, but the organic, raw, fresh, colourful liquid is a wonderful thing to drink. As people are embracing juicing, and it’s become a trend, juice bars are popping up everywhere – this is a great sign that we are demanding healthier, real “fast-food” and drink options, but like with anything else we purchase, know where it’s coming from and what it really is that you are consuming. If you are going to drink juice, beyond making it yourself at home, and drinking it right away, make sure it’s either being juiced right in front of you with properly washed, organic produce, or is cold-pressed and NO HPP from 100% organic produce in glass bottles – you do not want organic juice stored for days in plastic bottles, or juice in glass bottles without understanding where the juice comes from. If you saw the amount of produce that goes into one bottle of juice (much more produce than most you could typically eat in a single sitting), and that gets absorbed directly into your cells, you would choose concentrated goodness, NOT concentrated pesticides and toxins from conventional greens, fruits and roots etc.

Our favourite places in Toronto offer full-disclosure and will share their sources and processes (and samples) with conviction and pride, so that you are sure that what you are buying is actually great for you. We hope to be able to add to this list…often!

VILLAGE JUICERY With juice sold all over Toronto, including at 4 of their own stores, Village Juicery offers organic cold-pressed juices, tonics, plant-based milks, breakfast jars, and salads too. Whether you’re committing to a cleanse, a wellness program, or just a juice on-the-go, you’ll enjoy their fresh, colourful sips.

GREENHOUSE JUICE CO You’ve heard of farm to table, but have you heard of bottle to farm? Greenhouse sends fibre back to the local, organic farmers they work with to be used as compost. With 11 locations and counting, Greenhouse is sharing their yummy juices, probiotic tonics, and boosters with people all across the GTA. They even have their own direct-trade chocolate!

THE GOOD PRESS While Yorkville is home to The Good Press, these yummy organic juices are available through Foodora. They even offer off-site catering, acai bowls, and their own house-made organic fruit popsicles.

THE BIG CARROT Situated right next to their grocery store-front, The Big Carrot’s organic juice bar was the first of its kind in the city. Power up your favourite drink with superfoods, protein, immune elixirs, detoxifiers, energizers and greens, or grab one of their snacks or sandwiches if you’re on the go.

MAKE YOUR OWN No one knows your favourite flavours like you do! Whether you’re particular about your superfoods, crave apples in every juice, or simply want to save money, you won’t go wrong making your own juice. Remember to use organic ingredients and enjoy your juices fresh!