Whether ordering for yourself, your whole family, or for a loved one, buying and enjoying whole foods has the power to nourish both in health and in sickness. Toronto has many great resources for receiving whole, organic food straight to your doorstep.

Grocery Delivery Service: A delivery service is a simple way to make sure you are getting fresh, healthy ingredients every week. We love Mama Earth, RealFoodToronto.com, Switch Grocery, and  Fresh City Farms who deliver local, organic foods fresh from the farm + food artisans directly to your door.

Organic Salad Delivery: These BIORAW bowls are designed for superior nutrition, without sacrificing the enjoyment of a satisfying meal. Everything they make is certified organic, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, and delivery is free across the GTA!

Whole Foods Delivery: Balanced nutritious whole foods are vital for health. Roots of Health lets you choose from a weekly menu of mains; nutrient and fiber dense salads, sides and breakfast options developed and created by a nutritionist + a chef in Toronto.

Buy a CSA Membership: This is a gift that keeps on giving. Sign up yourself, or a friend, for your local Community Supported Agriculture Membership for a regular supply of local produce. It is a great way to support local growers in your community. Check out Shoresh’s and Everdale’s, and ask around your farmers’ markets for great CSAs in your area. There are even CSAs for pickles and sprouts!