Research has shown that radiation from our personal devices, like cell phones, computers, and wireless internet, can be linked to brain, neck and head cancers. You can read articles and research about cellphone use and safety and decide for yourself whether you want to take precaution (you do!). And if you have wireless internet in your home, remember to turn it off before you go to sleep. The more we can reduce our exposure, the better.

AIRES DEFENDER A silicon based micro processor that neutralizes harmful radiation. It will not cause any distortion or interference in communication devices, and effectively corrects the body’s response to electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone.

ALARA CASE We use our personal devices all day, every day, so of course we want to shield ourselves, and cover our cell phones with the best radiation reduction case. alara’s patented antenna technology is unique in that it reduces the amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body while not degrading your signal.

vestHeadset is an anti-radiation headset that claims to deliver 98% less radiation while still allowing a clear sound. It operates on a standard 3.5mm jack plug that suits the majority of mobile phones (except for Nokia devices).

BELLY ARMOR BLANKET A baby-soft blanket with the protection of RadiaShield® Fabric make this blanket a convenient and unobtrusive way to protect you and your baby against the risks of everyday radiation. Even if and when you’re not pregnant, this is a great shield between you and your laptop (and great for kids too!).

DEFENDER SHIELD ANTI-BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES Help reduce exposure to harmful blue light and reduce the negative health effects of computer and mobile device screens with these lenses filter up to 99% of blue light that can cause digital eye strain and interfere with sleep.