It’s just as important to consider what you are cooking with, and on, as it is to choose healthful ingredients. Avoid non-stick coatings, and cook on safe surfaces that won’t leach toxins into your homemade, clean cuisine.

Pyrex Glass Bakeware Bake and cook in glass like this and you can easily and safely go from the oven, to the table, to the fridge, and back again. Yes, they come in a  variety of shapes and sizes to bake all of your loaves, casseroles, pies, and more!

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Cast iron is one of the original nonstick cooking surfaces. They last forever, and they don’t have any nasty PFOA’s (google if you don’t know why we should be avoiding them!) so you won’t be eating, or inhaling any toxic sprays or coatings.

Hartstone Pottery People have been cooking with stoneware for thousands of years. Why? It’s heavy duty, distributes heat evenly, and is free of toxins, so you can bake your gram’s muffins exactly the same way she made them.

Pampered Chef Large Bar Pan This pan absorbs and retains heat for even baking, and draws moisture away from food for golden, crispy crusts (we swear these pans make the best homemade french fries)! It is naturally nonstick, toxin free, and safe for your freezer, oven, and convection oven too.