It’s easy to love the winter, but it’s equally as easy to want to leave it for a change of scenery, some sunshine + warmth, to reconnect with friends and loved ones, to unplug, or even to explore other cities.

Traveling cannot really be considered an “eco” activity because it’s definitely harder on our world than staying at home. But, we can acknowledge that it’s an indulgence, take our conscious habits with us, and make our destinations as green as possible.

If you are going to leave Canada and head south, east or west, make sure it’s worth it…here are a few ways to make it a true, “Bon Voyage”.

1 Hotels With beautiful locations in Miami, Brooklyn, and Central Park, 1 Hotels works with local artisans and natural materials to not only capture the beauty of natures in their hotels, but also to safeguard it. Rooms are outfitted with hemp-blend mattresses and organic cotton textiles, designed to maximize natural light, and cleaned with eco-friendly products. Check out our interview with Kane Sarhan from 1 Hotels here.

Carillon Hotel in Miami has exceptional fitness classes all day long, indoors and out, water therapies, spa services and everything you could want for a holistic health holiday including a beautiful beach.

BOXOTEL Montreal Boxotel is a boutique hotel located in the Quartier des Spectacles, with 20 guest rooms that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. The aim of the eco-friendly hotel is to provide a different kind of comfort to its guests with modular rooms, high-tech amenities and local products and crafts.

Allamanda Villa In Jamaica, this five bedroom villa is fully staffed, including an eco-laundress, an organic urban gardener, and a chef who I guarantee can please everyone in your family (as he has mine!). Owned by a Toronto family, the villa is proud of their space, and special features such as, a water filtration system (no bottled water needed!), solar heated water, and green cleaners that will all make your stay away as close to your eco-home as possible.

Jade Mountain, St Lucia Each room here is actually called a “sanctuary”, and only has 3 walls, so you can stare at the incredible Pitons, and Caribbean Sea from your bedroom and bathroom – and each has it’s own private infinity pool. Take yoga on the roof at sunrise, eat meals on site at their own organic garden, and enjoy the most incredible tropical fruits right off the tree.

For any city stay – business or pleasure, Kimpton Hotels If you’re looking for places to stay that reflect your commitment to green practices, you’re on solid ground with Kimpton Hotels, now in many cities across the continent. Kimpton pioneered the boutique hotel concept in the United States and the company believes in a culture that is devoted to the greater good and have led the hospitality industry with their innovative EarthCare program.