The secret to shiny, healthy tresses is to keep it really simple (stay away from aerosols, toxic chems, and nasty smells!). Less is more when you have the right tools, and with just a few high quality, truly natural products, you’ll see and feel the difference in no time.

Widu Hairbrush Looks great, feels great, and it’s reclaimed too. Designed by a hair stylist in Milan, these brushes are handmade from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood by artisans with old-world craftsmanship for long-lasting performance and durability.

Seabuckthorn Shampoo This theraputic shampoo combats dandruff and balances scalp oils with Canadian grown seabuckthorn and hemp seed oils. It provides a deep clean, but is also gentle enough for sensitive skin and scalps.

Leaves of Trees Argan Oil Sourced from a women’s cooperative along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, this certified organic oil is an excellent moisturizer which is absorbed quickly leaving your hair soft, not greasy.  It contains very high levels of vitamin E, phenols, carotenes (pro-vitamin A), squalene and fatty acids, and possesses significant anti-oxidant properties.

Wise Men Care These high quality natural and eco conscious pomades and shampoo are made in Montreal, Canada with clean ingredients. They’re housed in reusable, refillable, travel sized glass containers!

BarBar ECO Blow Dryer The ceramic heating element in this blow dryer emits significantly lower EMF’s (about 4.1 mG compared to 200mG in a standard coil heating element). It also saves 40% more electricity than a standard dryer.

Green Beaver Shampoo These shampoos are gentle, natural, and smell amazing. Green Beaver has has formulated shampoos to volumize, moisturize, regenerate, and invigorate — with a matching conditioner! Their formulas are biodegradable, vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free too.

World Salon REPAIR Deep Conditioner Use this product like you would a regular conditioner, or treat yourself and leave it in to soften severely damaged hair. Like the rest of World Salon’s line, their deep conditioning formula is loaded with vitamins and essential oils from natural sources like rosemary, jojoba, and calendula oil.

Curelle Buildup Remover
Chlorine, copper and other oxidants come out in the water from our pipes causing our hair to dry out, fall limp, and fade in colour. This treatment helps your hair appear more vibrant, makes it feel cleaner, and reduces split ends too. It’s also a serious must-have if you’re a swimmer or use a lot of hair products.

KooShoo Organic HU Headband
This eco, functional accessory is a lifesaver when you’re having a bad hair day or your outfit needs an emergency boost of colour. You can wrap it and tie it in so many cute ways to take you from the library, to gym class, to the movies, or anywhere you want to change up your hair style.