Make the room you spend the most time in a truly tranquil and safe place to rest. We will be adding our favourite furniture, and pajamas  soon.

Eco&Eco Organic Bedding Eco&Eco sources the best materials as local to their facility in Montreal as possible. This bed sheet set is woven in Quebec from 100% organic cotton. Their fabrics are not bleached, contain no dyes, and are a high quality grade, sure to set you up for some restorative zzz’s.

Comfy Comfy Organic Buckwheat Pillow  This pillow is made from thoroughly cleaned organic buckwheat hulls (grown in Canada!), and comes with an organic cotton pillowcase too. If your pillow is made with synthetic materials, you could be snuggling up with toluene, formaldehyde, and other nasty chems. As Annie Leonard from The Story of Stuff exclaims – there’s got to be a better way to stop your head from catching on fire while you sleep than dousing your pillow in flame retardants! It’s always challenging when replacing your favourite pillow, but choosing a healthy one will be a change for the better.

Naturepedic Organic Kids Pillows Snuggle up for a mid-day nap or a great night’s sleep with these soft machine washable pillows made with a 100% organic cotton outer fabric and filled with non-GMO plant-based PLA batting, which provides a resilient, supportive feel.

Obasan Matresses The best mattresses are made with the finest materials. These mattresses are made with the highest quality organic cotton, organic rubber, and organic wool so you can truly relax and sleep well.

Nandina Organic Throw Blankets These luxurious throws are hand-loomed in 100% organic bergama cotton. They’re a generous size fit for snuggling, and machine washable for easy care.

Saje Aromaart Ultrasonic Diffuser. Enjoy the calming benefits of aromatherapy before bed with some (really pure) essential oils and a beautiful diffuser. The Aromaart collection from Saje features limited edition ultrasonic diffusers decorated by Canadian artists. After all, they say wellness is an art.