Our skin is our largest organ, and absorbs what we soak, spray, and rub on, so it’s time to clean up our personal care routines. The good news is that Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie have written the book Toxin Toxout that tells us how to avoid these chemicals and how to get rid of them too! The first thing we can do is read labels… you are looking for full disclosure and a complete ingredient list – ingredients that you can read and recognize, and understand their origin (helpful hint: if there is no ingredient list at all, that is a sign to stay away from the product completely!). Remember, if it’s on you, it’s in you.

To be an eco-responsible beauty, you no longer have to stick to pumping out hemp soap and dabbing on hippy fragrances. There are brands for every body and every face, without having to compromise anything – not convenience, quality or selection.

And, although I’m not one to give beauty or makeup advice since I don’t wear much of it, I share with you my makeup must-haves in my collection.

Haut You don’t just glow when you’re wearing Haut makeup – their products actually help your skin recover its natural balance so you still feel beautiful long after you wash your face. A natural fermentation process brings out the best of their already amazing ingredients, producing enzymes, proteins and amino acids that literally feed your skin. The combination of locally harvested Canadian Glacial Marine Clay, organic coconut oil, and flower water leaves your skin always looking and feeling healthy.

Ilia Every Ilia cosmetic is filled with certified organic bio-active botanicals that are nourishing and rejuvenating, and packaged in a recycled aluminum case. You may already be familiar with their extraordinary lip care, but it’s worth taking notice of their new line of mascaras too – they’re easy to apply, add great volume and length, and like the rest of their line, you never feel like you have to compromise on quality for something safe and truly beautiful.

Colorganics Their signature Lip Tints are simply amazing. They are made with 95% certified organic ingredients. You can use them alone for moisturizing sheer colour, or layer over lipsticks for added shine – I use these every day.

RMS Beauty Rose Marie Swift, celebrity makeup artist, is dedicated to transforming the way we use makeup. Her beautiful line uses raw, food-grade, organic ingredients that nourish the skin. Get more for your dollar with multi-purpose products, like their lip2cheek tints, lip and skin balm, and creamy eye shadows with beautiful shades to choose from.  Lots of people that I have referred to this line swear by the Living Luminizer, so check that one out.