Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications + Design Inc., created this resource because you asked what you should read, wear, drink from, clean with, eat, cook and do! Because things are always changing, she is often adding, and sometimes sadly subtracting, so check back often.

AND…NEVER buy anything that you don’t need.

For even more insight into how to easily shop, think, live, and be healthier and more eco conscious, here are some of Lisa’s articles to get started today.

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 Green Living Amongst the Eco-Unconscious 

Don’t Apologize for Eating (or Doing) What Feels Right For You

Full Disclosure:

The Borden Big List is not primarily financially driven. I finally put it together and online in 2014 in hopes of it becoming a shortcut to me answering the many questions asked by so many – of course, like with everything that I do, I hope to build a community around making great choices, with the help of each other.

I am an investor in good people, good brands and good businesses. Many of my clients are suppliers, as well – sometimes I was a raving fan before I was hired, and other times working with them, turned me into a loyal customer. In any case, my motivation in sharing them is to share my own favourite resources. Period. There is so much discourse about conflict of interest and full disclosure, so I want to let you know that I am biased about a lot, when I wear a shirt and think it’s the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn, or when I’ve been well fed every week for a years and years at a farmers’ market by the same people, I want to share.

There is NOTHING on this list, or in any of my work that is simply placed there to cash in. Everything shared has taken me a long time to assemble and keep as up to date as possible, and yes, some links have affiliate codes attached to them, and I might earn 8 cents if you purchase a book that I recommend. Please know that I might have received a free sample, and they might be a client, but more often than not, I just want you to know about the good that I have found to be good!